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  • Evidence-based tips on talking with kids, tweens, and teens about race and ethnicity, developed in 2021 by Mandi Ackerman, Ellen Kneeskern, and Laura Elenbaas.

  • Materials from the 2020 Special Topic Workshop Addressing and Reducing Inequality through Developmental Science, organized by Laura Elenbaas, Margaret Echelbarger, Rashmita Mistry, and Matthew Diemer, sponsored by the Society for Research in Child Development, and funded by the William T. Grant Foundation.

  • presentation about reducing stereotypes and promoting inclusion developed by Laura Elenbaas for the 2019 New York State School Boards Annual Convention.

  • A 2018 University of Rochester Quadcast discussion on intolerance in with Laura Elenbaas, Nora Rubel, and Thomas Fleischman.

-Please visit the publications tab for copies of academic publications from our lab.-

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