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Our research will take place on campus at Purdue, off campus in the Lafayette community, and online. Participation is fun and easy to do! Children typically read stories, watch videos, or play games with our Research Assistants. Parents and teachers typically fill out surveys or complete interviews. There are no right or wrong answers; we are interested in how thinking changes across development. All information provided is confidential. Participating families and community partners can request a copy of the overall results.




Our on-campus studies will take place in Hanley Hall on the campus of Purdue University. Participation visits are scheduled at a time that works for you. Parents can stay with their children throughout the entire visit. Free parking and a bus stop are available right in front of our building. We are happy to provide childcare for siblings.




Our off-campus studies will take place at schools, daycares, summer camps, museums, libraries, parks, and community organizations all across the Lafayette area. Each study typically involves just one visit by our research team, at a time that works for you. All participating children must have a parent's permission. We are always happy to schedule an initial visit to meet you.

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